Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beylerbeyi Palace – Istanbul / Turkey

Beylerbeyi Palace – Istanbul / Turkey
Beylerbeyi Palace – Istanbul / Turkey

The interior design and architecture of Beylerbeyi are a combination of Western and Eastern styles, whereas the layout of the palace has the characteristics of a traditional Turkish house, complete with a harem and mabeyn (state apartments] section. Its schema is made of three parts: the Sultan’s bedroom apartment, the Imperial Mabeyn, and the Valide Sultan’s apartment.

The main Elements, belonging to the sultan’s wives and favorites, was constructed apart from the main building and unfortunately no longer exists.The facade of the Imperial Mabeyn exhibits an apparent Neo-baroque design.

Other indoor arrangements in the palace are shaped in diverse patterns. Sultan Abdulaziz’s infatuation for all things nautical is apparent in the decorations, art, and details throughout the palace. Frescos of ships on treaturous waters, naval themed candle sticks, and even carved sailing knot window frames can be seen.

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